Dust mate, dust.

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A Porter-Cable model 333 random orbital sander

A Porter-Cable model 333 random orbital sander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wanted to write about the dust created by sanding machines in your home. When selecting a floorsander ensure you ask the right questions when you have them over. It saves alot of time on both sides.

One important point is dust control and that comes into the the catagory of respect that a tradesman has for other peoples property, in this case your home. I always think to myself that I dont want the client doing any work that I should have done before leaving.


Lemon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things that can be done is stuff like putting up dropsheets and sealing off cupboards, covering furniture and having an awareness of what your equipment is  doing.

We use good dust extraction equipment and that is for my staff just as much as your house, as dust is a nasty thing to get up your nose all day long.

Dust is also a real health hazard for the people working with it so spare a thought for the guys having to get the finish and wood off your floor to make it look nice.

Offer them a nice cup of joe or just a plain old lemon from the bottom of the fridge will do if they look like a sour-face.